Collection designed by the creative study Isho Design. Inspired by the ritual of the water typical of the oriental culture.

The concept of the Ritual collection departs from the balance between two elements that complement each other to the perfection.

On the base of the origin of the elements, the wash basins, as the spring wherefrom the water comes they represent the act of tidying up itself, and the furniture, as pure and natural raw material, represent the act of looking after itself and to be pamper. Both pieces fit one with other one, obtaining the perfect balance between the basic need and the pleasure.

Ritual develops from taking out of concept from the current housing, where the spaces of rest, dressing room and bath are unified in search of spatial, aesthetic and sensory coherence.

isho design

Though his professional path began in 2003 of individual form, it was in 2012 when Yolanda Gimeno and Ana Ramon form the creative study Isho Design.

The way of understanding the design from the whole equipment of professionals of the study, is from a global point of view, and for this every project, independently of his area, develops integrating three specialities, Design of Product, Design of Spaces and Visual Communication.

The own identity, the strategic design and the balance between rationality and emotion, are the keys of his philosophy, which, allows them to create alive projects capable of transmit experiences, histories and sensations.

His work is part of the impulse of the success of the companies with those who work. For this reason, the confidence, the dialog and the analysis allow them to realize projects of real designs, with the necessary values to obtain the aims of his clients, in a creative and competitive form.

From 2016 they collaborate with the School of Art and Design Barreira as teachers in Interior design’s E.E.S.S, and from 2017 also in the master Mint de Interior design of the same school.